Character Creation

    Characters are to be created using Green Ronin Publishing's Mutants & Masterminds RPG rulesbook. Initially, players are to create Power Level 1 (PL1) characters. After "super-powers" are granted, characters will be pushed up to Power Level 5 (PL5).
    The campaign starting date is Friday, September 7, 2035. The characters are residents of Gann City, capitol of the Island-Nation of Gann. They are 13 to 16 years of age and are students in the Gann Academy, a private school for employees of Gann-Tech. As students, they reside in the campus dorms during the week, but may "go home" on weekend furloughs. School is a yearlong event (i.e., no summer vacation).

When creating a character, PLEASE keep the following things in mind!


    Attributes should make sense for the character concept and NOT for power-gaming.


    It may seem redundant, but characters that haven't been granted super-powers can't have super-powers!
    All player characters have gained their super-powers due to exposure to nanites at a Gann Academy football game. As a result of this deliberate exposure, all super-powered characters must purchase the Force Field power, at a minimum of Power Level 5! When "activated", the nanites erupt from the character's skin pores, covering their entire body in a silvery, skin-tight protective armor. A variety of other super-powers may be granted (that's up to the player), but this effect is universal to every player character.

Restricted List

    Items listed here are restricted. If you want to have them on your character you better have a very good reason or a strong comic book precedent for them being there.

  • Quirk - What most people take as a quirk is too minor to qualify.

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