Campaign History

    For eons, the Kherubim and Daemonites clashed. The Kherubim, immortal aliens and leaders of technology and society among the stars, opposed the Daemonites' bid to conquer the galaxy. Across the universe the war raged.
    During the dawn of human civilization, two starships, a Kherubim Explorer and a Daemonite Marauder (the Dreadnaught), clashed over Earth. Both ships were damaged and crashed. As they were now stranded on this backwater world and presumed dead by their home, survivors from the ships integrated themselves as best they could into the world. The Kherubim assimilated themselves into the population in order to continue their existence and wage their war. They soon found themselves protecting humanity against the Daemonites. For millennia a balance of power was held. Seventy-five years ago, a terrible blow was struck to the Kherubim. The balance shifted and the Daemonites gained the upper hand.
    Enigma, a mysterious, silver-skinned woman, bearing powers beyond human understanding, is set by forces she barely knows as the guardian and advisor to one of four Kherubim Lords, the Lord Khabriel. Naming him as the new champion of mankind, Enigma brings his shattered, memory-loss stricken self from poverty to become Sebastian Sabre, multi-billionaire owner of Sabre Enterprises, a corporation secretly dedicated to beginning anew the private war between Angel and Demon and, thereby, save humanity.
    To this end, Sebastian Sabre founded S.P.I.R.I.T., a team of Kherubim, Crossbreed and Human that he leads against the Daemonites. S.P.I.R.I.T. is an acronym for "Supernatural Phenomenon Investigations, Research and Interdiction Team.
    S.P.I.R.I.T. goes through many different incarnations and endures many adventures during their career. They stand as the strongest opposition against The Coven, the Daemonite-founded criminal organization, and gain status as the most powerful and best covert strike force on the planet.
    Contrasting S.P.I.R.I.T. is NightWatch, an A.N. sponsored Super-Powered Being (SPB) team, dedicated to responding to rogue SPB situations and crises' on a worldwide scale. Powered by the vast technological resources that the Allied Nations can provide, and answerable only to the A.N. Security Council, NightWatch is probably the only SPB group that can claim near or equal level of power and influence with S.P.I.R.I.T.


    It's no coincidence that the name 'Kherubim' is close to the biblical angel type, 'Cherubim', for they acted as the primal opposites to the marauding and destructive Daemonites. Despite what their name may imply however, the Kherubim are not inherently good and, though not an evil race, are a race that more or less sought to maintain peace. They have their flaws and, just like humans, are prone to error and wrongdoing. Most notable of their attitudes is the tendency for some of them to maintain a slightly 'lofty' attitude over most non-Kherans, particularly humans. This attitude can range from a mild one to almost insufferable. However, most Kherubim mean well and have had the best interests of the Earth in mind (in addition to their own) while they have been stranded here.
    For all intents and purposes, Kherubim are virtually immortal, with a lifespan that has not been accurately measured in Earth years. The Kherubim on Earth have been there for literally the whole of human civilization. It's logical to assume that a Kherubim does not perceive time as a human or non-Kheran does. A year or a lifespan of a human to a Kherubim would seem as a flicker of a match. The lifespan of long-lived races like Vampires and Werewolves are little more than the duration of a lit candle to a Kherubim.
   Reproducing as frequently as Humans, it's unusual that the Kherubim have not overpopulated Khera. It's hinted that their consistent colonization of other planets in the galaxy accounts for the lack of overpopulation. In truth, the Kherubim themselves are not actually 'native' to the home world that bears their name. From where exactly they came and, in fact, the true origins of both the Kherubim and the Daemonites are lost in time.
    Kherubim retain extremely resilient bodies and high physical strength compared with a human. Some instances: an intoxicated Lord Khabriel once was struck by a speeding taxi -- he just rolled off and kept walking; it took armor-piercing bullets to seriously harm Kenesha; and, Zahanna resisted the effects of a poison that should have killed her instantly!
    Despite the differences in origins, Kherubim and Humans are biologically compatible enough to be able to mate and produce children. A child born from a Kherubim and a Human parent is still considered Kherubim and retains the physical attributes of their alien parent. However, as that child matures and begins to have offspring (i.e., the more diluted the Kherubim blood becomes), the potential for developing typical Kherubim abilities lessens and the potential for unusual abilities increases (see Crossbreeds, below).
    The exact government workings of Khera itself are slightly clouded. The governing body of the planet seems to be known as the Pantheon. Within the Pantheon, an elite sect of Kherubim, called Lords, rule over Khera and her colony worlds. The exact number of Kherubim Lords upon Khera itself is never established. On Earth, however, these special types of Kherans numbered four. A Kherubim Lord is ranked socially as royalty. Additionally, Kherubim Lords tend to have powers and abilities far beyond a normal Kherubim -- some literally godlike! Ranked beneath the Kherubim Lords are the Kherubim nobles and under them, regular Kherubim. On Earth, there were four Kherubim Lords (aka Lords of Power), two of who are deceased.

Kherubim NPCs:

Name Notes
Nobanion One of the four Kherubim Lords (aka Lords of Power on Earth). Presumed dead when his fortress collapsed around him.
Kenesha A Kherubim noble, Kenesha possesses great strength and her "bag of tricks", a tesseract containing the results of centuries of artifact hunting, and the knowledge of how to use the "tricks" it contains. She is an information specialist, and has many powerful contacts in high places.
Khabriel One of the four Kherubim Lords (aka Lords of Power) on Earth. Senior and ruling Lord among the four, and commander of the exploration vessel that crashed on the planet.
Mystra One of the four Kherubim Lords (aka Lords of Power) on Earth. The most powerful Kherubim Lord, Mystra has incredible strength, endurance and invulnerability. He possesses the ability to fly and manipulate energy, releasing it as tremendous plasma bursts.
Syrton One of the four Kherubim Lords (aka Lords of Power) on Earth. Killed by the Drahn in Atlantis many millennia ago.
Zahanna A Kherubim noble, Zahanna is skilled in the art of killing with both her hands and her sword. She possesses super-human strength.


    Primal opposites and eternal adversaries to the Kherubim are the Daemonites. Their name seems to be closely aligned with the term 'demons' and for good reason. Daemonites are a cross between Marvel's 'Brood' and the Aliens from the movies starring Sigourney Weaver. They are racially disposed towards galactic domination. For eons, they warred with the Kherubim, blackening worlds in their wake as they made a bid to destroy their opponents and gain control over the known galaxy (and perhaps beyond?). They are monstrous and violent, although, not completely evil as there have been Daemonites with 'good' or 'neutral' tendencies. For instance, following the Daemonite War, the Daemonite civilians on Khera encountered by Hecate were hospitable. Overall though, the race is as monstrous as they come.
    Like the Kherubim, Daemonites seem to be immortal; yet it is hard to truly say if all Daemonites have tremendous life spans or if just the Daemonite Lords possess them. As a race they vary tremendously in power, unlike the Kherans who seem to have equal abilities aside from the Lords across the board. Daemonites vary in strength from cannon fodder drones to the monstrous War Dogs who stand over twenty feet in size and can shrug off blasts from Spartan. They cannot breathe in Earth's atmosphere easily however and require special environments to function properly. Operating best in stifling heat and breathing polluted air.
    All Daemonites possess the ability of Possession. This powerful and at times, sickening power enables a Daemonite to merge physically and psychically with a willing or unwilling target. They take control of that target's body, gaining their memories, skills, abilities and knowledge. There is no time limit to how long a Daemonite may inhabit a host body and almost no one is immune! The actual possession attempt however can be difficult as it takes physical contact with the host for several seconds; the longer the physical contact, the more powerful the hold. A target with a strong will can forcefully eject a Daemonite. However, this is extremely rare. Normally, the only powers capable of forcing a Daemonite from its host are "The Sight" and powerful psionics. Extreme pain to the host body can force a Daemonite to leave as well and it may be possible to attack the psyche of the Daemonite within the host body and not damage the host in the process.
    Like the Kherubim, the Daemonites do retain a hierarchy of power, although less is known about this as much as it is about the Kherubim. It is known that there were five Daemonite Lords (one is deceased), one Warlord and two Dukes.

Daemonite NPCs:

Name Notes
Bastille One of the five Daemonite Lords. One of two Daemonites that have demonstrated the rare ability to shape shift; further, he does not seem to require a host's body to survive.
Belial One of the two Daemonite Dukes.
Asmodeus One of the five Daemonite Lords.
Malagard Malagard, the Daemonite Queen, was imprisoned shortly after her arrival on Earth, as she was so powerful and uncontrollable that the other Daemonite Lords feared her.
Molikroth One of the five Daemonite Lords.
Triel One of the two Daemonite Dukes.
Martinet One of two Daemonites that have demonstrated the rare ability to shapeshift; further, he does not seem to require a host's body to survive.
Levistus Levistus could be considered a new fifth Daemonite Lord, but he did not come to Earth as the others did and is referred to more often as a Warlord.


    Crossbreeds are the term given to individuals who retain both Kherubim and Human blood within them. A Crossbreed, surprisingly enough, tends to be more powerful than a pure blooded Kherubim. This, despite the fact that their off world blood is extremely diluted. Apparently Human and Kherubim genes together, create a more powerful being than pure Human or pure Kherubim. This makes Crossbreeds extremely valuable to both the Kherubim and Daemonite sides. The race to find and recruit a crossbreed is often a dangerous and deadly one: Daemonites usually attempt to kill those whom they cannot convert, while the Kherubim seek to teach, protect and recruit them.
    Daemonite-Human Crossbreeds are not possible! On one occasion, however, Daemonites spliced their genes with Kherubim genes in an attempt to create a new warrior. This individual escaped and was considered Kherubim. He later joined his people. His descendant is Hecate.
    At a glance, a Crossbreed may seem like a mutant. Their powers don't usually manifest until young adult or adult years though some do manifest younger. However, their powers are inborn and not the result of genetic mutation. Their blood and genetics, though usually mostly human, still have alien genes within them. Powers that they may develop can range from slightly to extraordinarily powerful. A child who is a crossbreed of a Kherubim Lord has the potential for serious power within them!

Crossbreed NPCs:

Name Race Notes
Bloodletter Crossbreed In his human form, Bloodletter is an expert in the martial arts, including Kendo and Kung Fu. He is a shapeshifter with a variety of battle forms including: metal skin flakes the render him invisible to radar; a murder tree which can hold off entire regiments with fragmented razor-sharp blades; a skin of thorns; a blood bird; and a fountain of daggers.
Crimson Crossbreed (-Kherubim) Possesses enhanced reflexes and the ability to run faster than 225 mph.
Frost Crossbreed Possesses the ability to absorb energy directed at him, convert it to negative energy, and project it at an object of his choice. His power is two-way: positive energy into negative energy, negative energy into positive energy.
Hecate Crossbreed Hecate is considered a Kherubim Crossbreed with Daemonite genes. She is able to see Daemonites who possess human bodies. She possesses "The Sight", an ability that can extract Daemonites by generating a magnetic attraction and reaching psychically into the person's mind; this ability can also suit a variety of purposes besides exorcising alien presences.
Javelin Crossbreed Possesses remarkable strength and agility. His always-present javelin can project energy blasts and protective shields.
Mattock Crossbreed Can increase his size and mass exponentially, becoming stronger as necessary. However, his intelligence and self-control diminish as his body grows.

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