A Rohirric/Beorning Healer

    Frammavi (Rohirric for 'bold maiden') is a half Rohirric/half Beorning Druid/Rogue. Her alignment is neutral good.
    Frammavi, along with her animal companion, a riding horse named Bregowine, currently live in the woods on the western slopes of the White Mountains. Since this past Fall, Dunnish men have been harrying the Rohirric inhabitants in the area. Further, orcish invaders, bearing the mark of the White Hand of Saruman, have made incursions into the Westfold. Frammavi journeyed to Helm’s Deep to tell the Lords of Rohan what she has witnessed.
    She had some trouble getting anyone’s attention to tell her story until she met Helmwyn, the daughter of a out-of-favor Rohirric nobleman. Helmwyn remarkably got Frammavi an audience with Theodred, Second Marshal of the Mark! After bearing witness to all that she has seen in the Westfold, Theodred asked her to accompany a scouting party to Isengard to assist it with her first-hand knowledge of the area, as she grew up in the forested hills above Isengard. Though brave of heart and eager to help, her inexperience in combat situations has led to a feeling that she may be out of her depth among the seasoned Riders and she longs again for the quiet solitude of the forests.

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