Adventure #1


Andarion A Dunedain Mage Chris
Cairl Isenhewer A Rider of Rohan Steve
Deorman A Rider of Rohan NPC
Frammavi A Rohirric/Beorning Healer Rose
Frummond A Rider of Rohan NPC
Garric A Rider of Rohan Byron
Gilmir A Sindarin Warder Jeff
Gramming A Rider of Rohan NPC
Guthric A Rider of Rohan Eric
Helmwyn A Rohirric Healer Felice
Mojo A Hobbit Healer of the Shire Brock

Date:  Mid-February, 3019 Third Age
Location:  The Lands of Rohan.

    The party (except for Mojo), advanced, mounted, toward a ruined town of a unknown name in Rohan. The party was headed this way was to scout the environs of Isengard.
    The party thought something was amiss when they saw spearpoints sticking out from behind some trees. Our adventurers declared they would not be caught flat-footed no ambush today!
    Unknown to the rest of the party, Mojo, on his way back to the Shire from picking winclamit berries near the White Mountains, was cowering, er, taking cover in the ruins. He was surrounded by unfriendly orcs! He was crouched in a small corner of a parapet, hoping not to be noticed. Mojo noticed the rest of the party approaching and realized that the orcs were preparing an ambush. He needed to distract the orcs so that their ambush would be foiled. He stood up and yelled a magical spell to create the sound of a pack of wolves at the top of his lungs. He hoped the sound would distract the orcs!
    [GM Note: Mojo was originally a Druid ... now known to be an impossibility for a Hobbit! Subsequent changes in the Magic system forced Mojo to change character classes to an Adept. While a Druid has the Summon Nature's Ally I spell, an Adept does not! Brock's original text was "He stood up and yelled a magical spell to summon a wolf at the top of his lungs. He hoped the summoned wolf would attack the orc he perceived to be the leader. The spell worked and the wolf was summoned for one lousy combat round! Still, Mojo patted himself on the back for fouling the orcs' ambush and distracting them for a moment."]
    In addition to the sounds of a wolf pack, Captain Isenhewer heard the strange, non-orc voice shouting an incantation and instantly (and reasonably) believed that the orcs were commanded by a wizard! He ordered the others in the party to be on guard for magical attacks.
    A vicious battle ensued between our adventurers and the orcs. The orcs, however, outmatched by the bravery and talent of our number, were quickly slain. Mojo's loyal wolf companion, Reggie, summoned by his master, also joined in the fray.

Mojo Hilltopple
Hobbit of the Shire

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