Mojo Hilltopple,
Halfling of the Shire

    Mojo is a male hobbit. He stands about 3 feet tall and weights about 32 pounds. He is 60 years old (into early middle age for a hobbit). He has thick, curly brown hair and brown eyes. No hair grows on his face – a characteristic of his race. He is a “mongrel” of the Shire, and can claim ancestors from all three of the major ethnic “stocks” of hobbits – Stoor, Fallohide, and Harfoot. A strong Fallohide trait runs through him, probably inherited from his mother. This is acknowledged by his neighbors, friends, and enemies. Most who know him attribute his peculiarities to the Fallohide strain. Even his friends think of him as “peculiar” and not at all like a “sensible” hobbit. He often travels out of the Shire and has elves, men, and even dwarves as guests at his hobbit hole!
    His mother, Ballraugia Brockhouse, was born and raised near the Brockenborings and Mojo spent much of his childhood playing at his grandmother's house and in her neighbors' fields. His father was a Hilltopple who had grown up with the Brandybucks and other hobbits who lived near Woodhall.
    Mojo is a bard with a special talent for healing and the making of herbal concoctions for a variety of purposes. Using his bard skills, he often sings and tells stories for pay at weddings, birthday parties, picnics, and the like.
    His alignment is anyone's guess, but no one has yet seen him do a dastardly deed.
    He does not discuss religion - his or anyone else's. He considers it rude. His only "religion" seems to be herbalism. He is often a guest of the old Gaffer in Hobbiton and they discuss the various herbs and other plants that they find useful. He has many friends in the Shire but few who know his out-of-town guests of various races that he frequently entertains.  Some who know of wizards even say that Radagast the Brown, the friend of birds and beasts, sometimes visits Mojo at his hole.  Rumor mongers say that Radagast teaches Mojo about the ways of the animals and, in return, Mojo teaches Radagast the nature and value of various herbs.  But these are mere rumors.
    He has a reputation as a “ladies' man” hobbit and will tell stories of the crazy girlfriends he has had over the years. We will not, however, discuss the beautiful hobbit woman he courted in his youth. Not even his friends know much about this romance. All they know is that her nickname was “Meg” and that she left the Shire many years ago and never returned. He states that he is currently a bachelor and intends to stay that way.
    He has a penchant for drinking and smoking - what hobbit doesn't? He has a slight pot belly and he can often be seen clutching his meerschaum pipe. The pipe has a dragon's face carved into the front. The pipeweed smoke has an odd smell to it.
    His favorite spirit is a particular type of wine made in Dorwinion and favored by the wood elves of Mirkwood. Of his many excursions out of the Shire, quite a few are to obtain adequate supplies of this wine. He always asks for it at taverns although the vintage is almost never available. Sometimes he can obtain this wine from a friend, another “peculiar” adventurer hobbit who lives in the Shire.
    When not singing or entertaining for a living, he is on the hunt for herbs for his herbal concoctions. Some of these he sells and other he keeps for personal use. He is a skilled healer, particularly with his herbs, and will often give away his doctoring to the poor for no fee.
    His residence, when he is in the Shire and not on an adventure of some sort, is in the northern portion of the East Farthing. He inherited it from a second cousin, twice removed, on his mother's side. He lives just off the main road north, about ˝ mile north of the intersection of the main road north and the road that leads east to the village of Brockenborings. His hole is in a hill on the east side of the road. His hobbit hole is a genuine hole (not an above-ground house). It is modest but comfortable. Mojo says it is just the right size for a bachelor. The gardens and grounds are well-tended by an excellent local gardener that Mojo pays for the service. It is important to Mojo that his lawn not get overrun with weeds while he is out of town.
    Those who know him know that he keeps a fairly large field of corn near his hobbit hole. He never seems to harvest very much of the corn. His neighbors wonder why he bothers to raise corn when he doesn't seem to consume or sell it.
    He is not a fighter by trade – he prefers to heal others and use his bard skills to achieve his ends. Like most hobbits, however, he is a fair shot with a sling. He also keeps a dagger with him at all times – for cutting things and as a “last resort” weapon should he get into a close quarters tangle with an enemy.

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