The campaign takes place in the Star Wars™ universe at the same time of the events of Star Wars™ I: The Phantom Menace. Political fallout from the Trade Federation’s actions on Naboo will spread through the galaxy, and the Republic will begin to crumble.

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Character Creation

Instructions on how to create a character for the campaign.


The campaign setting.

Character Creation

    To make a character, you’ll need a copy of the Star Wars™ RPG Revised Core Rulebook and these guidelines.

Ability Scores

    Assign your ability scores using the Planned Generation method on page 18 of the Star Wars™ RPG Revised Core Rulebook. Apply species modifiers to ability points after the base scores are determined.

Species and Class

    The following Star Wars™ RPG Revised Core Rulebook species are allowed for your character: Human, Cerean, Gungan, Ithorian, Rodian, Sullustan, Trandoshan, Twi’lek, and Wookiee. Other species are reserved for Gamemaster characters or have not been discovered by the galaxy at large during the time of the campaign.
    Any Star Wars™ RPG Revised Core Rulebook class is allowed for your character.


    Starting characters receive maximum credits for their class. Characters can purchase equipment listed in the Equipment chapter of the Star Wars™ RPG Revised Core Rulebook, with the following exceptions:

  • Double-bladed lightsabers and stormtrooper armor are not allowed!
  • Security toolkits, vibro-axes, heavy blaster pistols, any weapon in the heavy weapons group, and thermal detonators are legally restricted. Their possession is allowed, but characters cannot buy them through normal channels. Permits may be obtained in play. Legal penalties will be applied during adventures to characters found possessing these items without proper permits
  • Lightsabers are acquired in play or by class choice (i.e., they cannot be purchased).
  • Acquisition of starships, vehicles, and droids is controlled by the Gamemaster. They come with a debt equal to their cost, which must be paid. Regular payments can be made (so a character can get a ship before being able to afford it), or the whole can be paid in a lump sum. If regular payments are not made, then "thugs" come to collect the credits owed each time the character is played in an adventure. If payments are not made for a long enough period, the ship, vehicle, or droid is confiscated.
        Heroes of the Soldier class can purchase classification four droids, those armed and used for military applications. Characters of other classes can only purchase noncombat droids (classifications one, two, three, and five). Droids that are not classification four cannot be equipped with armaments.
        Heroes of the Scout class acquire their ships through more legitimate means, and therefore do not suffer the risk of visits from thugs. Scouts also get their ships at a discount.


    Characters in the campaign are heroes, not villains. The adventures are centered around heroic experiences. Do NOT play villainous characters!
    Your character may be of any height or weight allowed for your species. Your character begins at any age between Young Adult and Old, as defined in Chapter 6 of the Star Wars™ RPG Revised Core Rulebook.
    You and the Gamemaster should determine your character’s history up to this point. Character concepts that do not fit the campaign will be avoided!

Jedi Training

    All Jedi player characters must begin as Padawan learners.


    Based on Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace, the campaign starts after Queen Amidala escapes from Naboo, headed for Coruscant. The players are citizens of or visitors to Naboo. If they are visitors, they have been stranded on planet by the blockade of the Trade Federation, as no ships have been able to leave Naboo for well over three months. The long running stand off is wearing thin on both sides of the dispute.
    When the droid armies descended on the planet, no one was ready for the sheer magnitude of force being brought to bear on the hapless planet. Being caught almost immediately by surprise, the Naboo Defense Forces were overwhelmed almost immediately. Citizens and visitors alike were herded into detainment camps, however those who were quick to react managed to fight their way out of the traps and quickly hid themselves away while formulating plans for further resistance.
    The characters were one such group. They had managed to hide away within the sewers of the great and ancient city of Theed. They managed to gather enough weapons and food to survive while in hiding. Once the general population of Theed had been removed to detainment camps, the resistance found it easier to move about without calling too much attention to themselves.
    Food was less scarce since many homes and apartments were still well stocked. The group has moved their base of operations from the sewers into the walled compound of Governor Garzon. The villa, located near the center of the city of Theed, has many tall spires offering a stunning view of most of the central city as well as the movements of the Trade Federation's battle droids.

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