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Thursday, April 16, Periods 1 & 3, 2 & 4

  • Students will complete another exercise over misplaced and dangling modifiers. We will not have a quiz over this section until we have completed another topic in the grammar booklets.
  • Students will continue working on revising their narrative essays. Those who had not had their drafts checked will need to conference with me. Remember that the narrative essay folder deadline is April 22.
  • Students will work on their novel journals. These must be completed by April 24.

Tuesday, April 14, Periods 1 & 3, 2 & 4

  • Students will receive two different handouts: one explaining what must be included in the narrative folder when it is due April 22; the other a checklist to be used in peer evaluation.
  • Students will trade the rough drafts of their narrative essays for peer review. The fact that a draft is completed will be recorded for the process grades for this unit.
  • The remainder of the class period will be spent in the computer lab. Students will work on revising or completing the draft of their papers. They may also type their novel journals. Students are reminded that all journals must be turned in by April 24.

Friday, April 10, Periods 1 & 3, 2 & 4

  • Grammar - misplaced and dangling modifiers - page 7 of booklet.
  • Pre-writing activities returned/discussed.
  • Two versions of introductory paragraphs checked/recorded - peer evaluations.
  • Reviewed essay requirements - draft due April 14.
  • Continue work on reading novel and writing journals - remember deadlines.

Wednesday, April 8, Periods 1 & 3, 2 & 4

  • Grammar - first quiz was returned. We began working on misplaced and dangling modifiers (pages 5-6 in grammar workbook).
  • Students turned in their topic proposals (written in the pink booklet) and their pre-writing activity. Remember that each step needs to be completed before the next item is due.
  • Students are to work on the introductory paragraphs for the narrative essay. Come up with two versions - trying different approaches for the topic. They should have the same thesis or insight. These are due next class; they must be typed.
  • Students are to continue work on reading the novel and writing the journals.

Monday, April 6, Periods 1 & 3, 2 & 4

  • We briefly discussed the essay given out last class ("Our cupboard was bare"). Students were directed to pay particular attention to the use of specific details and the way the author "shows" rather than "tells" in the essay. This essay should now be kept in the Read/React/Respond folder - students are to write their personal response in the manner we have been doing in the past.
  • We discussed deadlines for this narrative essay project. Students were to write these in their pink booklets:
    • Choose topic today and complete a pre-writing activity and the topic proposal sheet (in the booklet) - due April 8.
    • Work on thesis statement in class April 8.
    • Write two versions of introductory paragraphs (same/similar insights - thesis) due at beginning of class April 10.
    • First complete typed draft - due April 14.
    • Peer Evaluation takes place in class April 14. (Last half of class in computer lab.)
    • Writers continue to work on revision April 16. (Last half of class in computer lab.)
    • April 20 is a catch-up day - students may be working on their revision or their novel journals. (Last half of class in computer lab.)
    • Final deadline is April 22. The essay and folder will be turned in this day. Students will complete a writer's response (a reflection on the writing of the essay) on this day - we will go into the computer lab during the last part of class for this. Students received a rubric which will be used in the evaluation of this essay (and the other major essays in this course).
  • Also today we discussed the novel journals. Remember that the novel must be complete and all six journals submitted by April 24. You may want to use some of your lab time to type these. Students were reminded of the format for these journals. Remember that you need three distinct sections: 4-5 sentences of summary for that section of reading; your personal response to what you have read -- How did you feel? What did this remind you of? What would you have done? etc.; and, comments on the author's development/use of literary techniques (such as plot, character, setting, point of view, symbolism, irony, etc.).

Thursday, April 2, Periods 1 & 3, 2 & 4

  • We took the grammar quiz over parts of speech and pronoun agreement.
  • Students received a revised calendar which reflects changes made because of the recent snow days.
  • We discussed the role of dialogue in the Richard Wright essay. Students will be required to have purposeful dialogue in their narrative essays.
  • Students received another sample narrative article. This should be read as an example of narrative and also as an article for the Read/React/Respond folders. This is the third article for that folder. After 4-5, students will be asked to turn in the folder.
  • Students had the remainder of the class period to work on reading their novels. Remember that the six journals must be in by the end of March and only one can be turned in each day … so plan accordingly.

Tuesday, April 28, Periods 1 & 3, 2 & 4

  • Students were reminded of the grammar quiz on Thursday (parts of speech and pronoun agreement).
  • We reviewed the information from the text which should be recorded in the pink booklet.
  • We did an activity with clichés as we were discussing thesis statements for the narrative essay. The point is to avoid a predictable, cliché thesis.
  • We reviewed information on quotations and writing of dialogue - both on pages 6-7 of the pink booklet and pages 33-34 of the grammar booklet. Purposeful dialogue will be a requirement of the narrative essay.
  • Students received a copy of an essay by Richard Wright which they are to read carefully for next class. A sheet of "discussion points" was also distributed. Pay particular attention to the use of dialogue in the essay and what it reveals about the characters, action, conflict, etc.
  • Remember that you need to be turning in your novel journals - only one per day is acceptable. The entire novel and the six journals must be in by April 24. Remember also that everything on the calendar advances by one class day because of the recent snow day.

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Upcoming Lyceum Events

  • Sunday, March 29 through Saturday, April 11 - Of Mice and Men @ The Swift Creek Playhouse
  • Thursday, April 2 through Sunday, April 5 - Richmond Shakespeare: Amadeus @ Second Presbyterian Church
  • Thursday, April 2 through Sunday, April 5 - Children of a Lesser God @ The Barksdale Theatre
  • Saturday, April 4 - The Metropolitan Opera: Madama Butterfly @ Regal Cinemas
  • Wednesday, April 8 - The Metropolitan Opera: Lucia di Lammermoor @ Regal Cinemas
  • Friday, April 10 & Saturday, April 11 - Oklahoma @ Nearby High School
  • Thursday, April 9 through Sunday, April 12 - Children of a Lesser God @ The Barksdale Theatre
  • Wednesday, April 15 - The Metropolitan Opera: Madama Butterfly Encore @ Regal Cinemas
  • Thursday, April 16 through Sunday, March 22 - Children of a Lesser God @ The Barksdale Theatre
  • Saturday, April 17 - The Metropolitan Opera: La Sonnambula @ Regal Cinemas
  • Wednesday, April 29 - The Metropolitan Opera: La Sonnambula Encore @ Regal Cinemas

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